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Premises Liability

A premises liability case alleges a defect or dangerous condition of property causes personal injury or death to a person. Missouri law requires owners and possessors of property to maintain their premises in a reasonably safe manner. This includes keeping areas free of foreign objects, slippery substances and hidden dangers. Some common types of premises liability cases are slip and falls, chemical exposure, construction accidents and failure to provide security.

Our lawyers handle the following kinds of premises liability cases:

Your Status: Business Invitees, Licensee or Trespassor?

Tslip and fall accident Premises Liabilityhe duty a landowner owes you depends upon what “status” you hold. Landowners owe little duty to trespassers, while they owe a greater duty of care to people who are “licensees” and the greatest duty to those who are considered “invitees.” Your status as a trespasser, licensee or invitee will be made by a personal injury lawyer and will likely determine if you have a valid premises liability claim against the property owner.

Property owners must also ensure their property complies with local building codes. Building codes exist for the safety and well-being of others. When properties do not meet code requirements, they are inherently unsafe. If a property owner negligently maintains their property and that negligence causes an injury, the property owner is liable. Sometimes, a landowner can be held strictly liable for injuries. This determination will be made by your attorney, based upon the particular facts of your case and the status of Missouri law existing at the time of injury. This area of law is extremely complex. It is important that your lawyer have a complete understanding of Missouri’s laws, as they are always changing.

Sometimes, someone other than a landowner can be held liable for a person’s personal injuries. This is especially true with commercial property. Many times, commercial landlords will place the responsibility on the lessee to maintain and keep the property safe. In these cases, the premises liability lawsuit will be directed towards the possessor of the property. A careful review of the lease by a premises liability lawyer will determine what party is responsible for your injuries.

If you happen to be injured on city or government owned property, you must contact a lawyer immediately. Missouri and other states have strict notification requirements you must follow in order to pursue a claim against the government. Many of these requirements must be completed within a number of days after the accident. The sooner you contact us to investigate your claim, the better. These cases are time sensitive and if you do not move quickly to secure evidence, it can be destroyed or lost forever.

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