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Rollover Car | Suv Tripping Claims

Our lawyers have investigated many roll over car, truck and SUV accidents and understand the product liability aspects in rollover cases. These cases are very complex and require an in depth understanding of product liability law, federal preemption and biomechanics.

Are Certain Vehicles Prone to Rolling Over? roll over crash 300x159 Rollover Car | Suv Tripping Claims

Some vehicles have a high tendency to roll over or turn over. Many Missouri product liability lawsuits have been filed against vehicle manufacturers because of this design defect, especially certain SUVs.

What Causes A Vehicle To Roll Over?

A vehicle will roll when the friction forces between the tires and the ground are overcome by the rotational forces or inertia of the vehicle. Often, this is referred to as “tripping” and is usually caused by a vehicle sliding off the roadway into a fixed curb or other object. Beyond this, other factors such as excessive side slope or grade of a roadway can also contribute to a car rolling over.

What Injuries Can Happen in a Roll Over Crash?

After a rollover crash, the forces may cause the vehicle’s roof to collapse. If this happens, occupants who are using their seat belts, will be sandwiched, which can cause paralysis or death.

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