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Shoulder Injury

Sshoulder injury Shoulder Injuryhoulder injury claims are common in side impact car accidents, truck accidents and especially motorcycle accidents. Missouri injury lawyers will evaluate the mechanism of injury from a biomechanical perspective and determine if your particular accident could have caused the damage. If the injury lawyer isn’t sure the crash at issue caused the injury, a biomechanical analysis by and engineer would be appropriate. Sometimes, insurance companies, in an effort to minimize their potential exposure, will claim a shoulder injury is “old” or pre–existed the crash.

The shoulder is composed of the clavicle (collar bone), scapula (shoulder blade), and humerus (the bone in your upper arm). These parts of the shoulder are surrounded and held together by various muscles, tendons and ligaments. Shoulder injuries can be relatively mild such as a sprain or strain or can be very significant such as a torn rotator cuff, fracture, or separation. In these more serious injuries, a surgery may be necessary to repair your shoulder.

The job of a talented injury lawyer is to present the facts which support the client’s your theory of how your injury occurred. Of course, the job of a talented insurance defense lawyer is to persuade the fact finder the injury was caused by something else. Our law firm utilizes a number of methods to ensure the trier of fact, in most cases juries, understand the injury must be related to the incident at issue. The linchpin on this issue is what your treating doctor believes caused your medical problem. Before filing any lawsuit, our St. Louis personal injury lawyers ensure your treating doctor will support the case.

If you have a shoulder injury caused by a serious motorcycle, car or truck crash or any other type of accident, our St. Louis shoulder injury accident lawyers will evaluate your case for free. Call us today at 314–400–0000 and speak to an experienced Missouri injury lawyer.