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St. Louis Motorcycle Accident Attorney

motorcycle accident attorneyWere you injured in a motorcycle accident? A skillful St. Louis Motorcycle Accident Attorney can help you get the compensation that you need. Motorcycle accidents are very dangerous, often causing more injuries than car accidents. The severity is due to the driver’s exposure and the vehicle not being as balanced as a car. In fact, motorcycle accidents are 27 times more likely to cause death than car accidents.

Motorcycle Accident Damages

St. Louis Motorcycle Accident Attorney Ryan Bradley will aggressively work your case. If the other party is found negligent, they are responsible for compensating you for all damages incurred. Motorcycle accident damages may include:

During a free consultation, St. Louis Motorcycle Accident Attorney Ryan Bradley will be able to evaluate your case.

Proving Negligence

To win your case, your St. Louis Motorcycle Accident Attorney will first have to establish negligence. Proving guilt in a civil case is not the same as determining guilt in a criminal trial. The burden of proof is not as strong. Ryan has to prove that the most likely scenario is that negligence took place. To prove negligence, your St. Louis Motorcycle Accident Attorney will have to prove:

  1. Duty: The defendant had a legal duty (All motorists have an obligation to drive safely)
  2. Breach: The defendant did not fulfill his legal obligation.
  3. Causation: The breach of duty caused your injuries
  4. Damages: As a result, you incurred damages.

Common breaches of duty include:

Ryan is very experienced and skilled at proving negligence. He has successfully helped many clients get the compensation they needed to rebuild their life. Possible negligent parties include the other driver, the city, and the vehicle manufacturer. After determining who was at fault, Ryan will aggressively work to prove all responsible parties’ negligence.

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If you were injured in a motorcycle accident, you probably have a lot on your mind. Ryan is dedicated to all of his clients, working hard to alleviate your stress. He will help you find proper medical care, even if you cannot pay any out of pocket expenses. Ryan will not collect a dime from you until he wins your case. Call him today at 800-239-1764 to schedule a free consultation.