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St. Louis Missouri Trucking Accident Injures Illinois Man

Jeffrey Ware, a 58 year old man from New Baden, Illinois, was injured in a Saint Louis County Missouri truck accident on November 3, 2011 at 2:30pm. The accident occurred on Interstate Highway 370, east of Earth City Expressway. A truck driver from Farmington, Missouri hydroplaned and crashed into Ware’s 2012 Chevrolet Express Van. The impact of the St. Louis County Missouri truck accident forced Ware’s vehicle off the left side of the roadway. Ware’s vehicle crashed into the median of the interstate. Ware was taken by the Robertson Fire Protection District to De Paul Hospital for medical treatment. Ware’s van was totaled.

When a Missouri truck accident results in injury, the trucking company’s insurer will process a claim for the truck accident victim. Since the trucking company or its employee truck driver caused the injury, they are responsible for compensating the truck accident for the loss sustained. Trucking companies are required to carry insurance, so the truck accident victim can be compensated regardless of the trucking company’s financial state. This system helps truck accident victims recover for their loss. However, the system forces an interaction between a suffering truck accident victim and an insurance company with a financial interest in paying as little as possible.

Truck accident victims may have a difficult time protecting their interests while interacting with a trucking company insurer. Trucking company insurers are highly experienced in negotiating settlements with truck accident victims, whereas the typical truck accident victim has never had that experience.

The imbalance of knowledge and experience between the trucking company insurer and the truck accident victim puts the accident victim in a vulnerable position. Truck accident victims may have a difficult time understanding how to value their case. For instance, truck accident victims may know that they should be compensated for the medical expenses they incurred because of the accident, but may be unaware that courts award damages for lost future wages as well. If the trucking company insurer offered the truck accident victim compensation for all past expenses, the truck accident victim may be inclined to accept unaware that the offer is low.