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J.B And C.W. V. Eric Tolen, 10sl-Cc00169, Circuit Court Of St. Louis County

Attorney E. Ryan Bradley obtained a $30,040,000.00 trial award against Eric Tolen, a former federal prosecuting attorney in connection with his molestation of two minors, referred to as “C.W.” and “J.B.” in court documents to protect their identities. The two minors sued Tolen for sexual assault and battery and sought compensatory as well as punitive damages. The judge awarded the two minors a combined $29,000,000.00 in compensatory damages plus $1.04 Million in punitive damages, for a total judgment of $30,040,000.00. After hearing the evidence in this case, Judge Jamison indicated Mr. Tolen’s conduct was especially heinous considering the position of trust the community placed in him as a federal prosecutor.

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