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Tractor Trailer Crash Kills One In Cole County

Richard Veltrop, 37, was killed and two others were injured in a Missouri tractor trailer crash on Highway 54 late Saturday night.

According to the initial crash report, Veltrop was driving with Julie Trenary, 33, in a 2003 Toyota when the accident occurred. Veltrop traveled into the path of an oncoming tractor trailer, driven by Virgil Russom, 67. The Toyota clipped the trailer being hauled, causing massive damage to both vehicles.

Veltrop was pronounced dead at the scene. Trenary and Russom were both taken to local hospitals for treatment.

Since there was a fatality, this crash will undergo a full investigation including an accident reconstruction to determine the cause. Investigators will be able to examine skid marks and debris patterns to determine how fast the vehicles were going and which vehicle was actually out of its lane to cause this fatal Missouri truck accident. The truck driver’s log books will also be investigated to ensure that no motor carrier regulations were violated.