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Tractor Trailer Hits Bus: 10 People Injured

A serious tractor trailer crash occurred Sunday night on Interstate 65 near Bowling Green, Kentucky when a Freightliner collided with a Greyhound bus and left ten people seriously injured.

According to local media reports, the crash took place around midnight in the southbound lanes of the interstate. Both the tractor trailer and the bus were traveling southbound, with the bus riding ahead of the truck. The bus was traveling slower than the big rig and, for an unknown reason, the truck driver was unable to avoid slamming into the back of the bus.

The truck driver along with 9 passengers on the bus were taken to local hospitals for emergency treatment. An additional 33 others were riding on the bus and did not sustain life-threatening injuries.

More investigation will be needed to determine what caused this truck injury accident, but investigators will likely be checking out a few specific probable causes. One of the most common causes of tractor trailer crashes is fatigued drivers, so the log books of the driver will be examined to see if he was getting the proper amount of rest to help fight fatigue. There is also the possibility of a mechanical failure with the brakes which, if that were the case, would lead investigators to check the inspection records of the truck.

Another common cause of accidents is distracted driving. As hand-held electronic devices become more common, states and federal agencies are looking to restrict their use behind the wheel as a way of preventing fatal truck accidents. Just recently a restriction on texting and driving was placed on all commercial truck drivers.