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Tractor Trailer Overturns And Injures Two

Two people were taken to the hospital Tuesday morning after a Missouri tractor trailer crash on Missouri 291 in which a big rig actually tipped over, hitting other vehicles in the process.

According to local media reports, the tractor trailer was southbound on Missouri 291 just before the accident. The truck driver attempted to make a right turn onto Frontage Road, but took the turn too fast. The tractor trailer tipped over and hit three other cars that were waiting at the light.

The tractor trailer driver and the driver of one of the cars waiting at the light were both taken to a local hospital for treatment.

An investigation into this tractor trailer injury accident is ongoing and charges could be filed.

While more details need to emerge about this incident, it appears that the truck driver was simply driving too fast and lost control of his vehicle. We often see accidents in the trucking industry due to drivers trying to rush their deliveries. Whether it be drivers who break the speed limit or drivers who violate the hours of service rules to get to their destination quicker, dangerous situations arise when tractor trailer drivers put speed over safety.