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Tractor Trailer Plows Through Several Cars And Injures Three

Three people were injured and several cars were completely destroyed after a Missouri tractor trailer accident on Highway 71 on Tuesday afternoon.

According to local media reports, traffic had become backed up on the highway just north of Missouri 58. A southbound tractor trailer, driven by Jose Valentin, lost control and slammed into the back of the line of cars. The tractor trailer ran over a car and pushed other vehicles into each other. The small car that was run over was actually dragged under the big rig into the median.

Amazingly, nobody was killed in this serious Missouri truck crash. Mindy Osborn was airlifted to a local hospital for treatment. Two others, Adam Moennig and Melissa McClay, were also injured and taken by ambulance to local hospitals. Valentin was uninjured.

It is unclear what caused Valentin to strike the line of cars. The traffic might have stopped suddenly in front of him, making it hard to stop a truck that could have been loaded up to 80,000 pounds. He might also have been distracted and unaware of the traffic ahead of him.Typically, negligence is assumed in rear-end collision accidents, though there may be extenuating circumstances in this case. An investigation into the accident continues.

After a commercial truck crash, the truck driver submits to an alcohol and drug test and his driving logs are investigated to ensure that no motor carrier violations exist.