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Tractor Trailers Cause More Than Their Fair Share Of Traffic Deaths

Wading through statistics at sites we’ve mentioned in previous posts and articles on other injury sites, we’ve discovered some more sobering statistics about tractor trailer crashes in Missouri.

Depending on what statistics you look at and your definition of a large truck, they make up around 3% to 7% of traffic on the nation’s highways. Not surprisingly, they also account for a disproportionate amount of traffic fatalities. Semi trucks and tractor trailers are involved in 15% of all traffic deaths in Missouri.

There are several reasons for this overly high rate of deaths in Missouri tractor trailer accidents. The most obvious is simple physics. Tractor trailers are large, imposing vehicles that do more damage to other, smaller passenger cars when an accident occurs. If you examine many of these accident cases, you will also see that truck drivers and trucking companies are often guilty of violating Federal regulations meant to prevent accidents.

While many truck drivers do the right thing and follow these regulations, those that don’t need to be held accountable. Victims of tractor trailer crashes should have their case reviewed by an experienced Missouri tractor trailer accident attorney. A skilled lawyer will be able to examine your case and find any violations of federal law that contributed to your accident. Many attorneys even offer free legal evaluation to explain your rights with no obligation to hire.