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Tractor-Trailer Hits School Bus, Causes Multiple Minor Injuries

A Camdenton School District bus and a tractor-trailer were two of the five vehicles involved in a Missouri injury accident on Route 5 that sent 19 people to the hospital, though thankfully, most of the injuries were minor and there were no fatalities.

According to the Missouri State Highway Patrol, this tractor-trailer crash began when the commercial truck, driven by Patrick Wortman, rear ended the school bus. The bus was stopped as a line of cars ahead of it waited for a driver to make a left turn. The initial impact forced the bus into the line of cars, causing a chain reaction collision that ultimately involved three other vehicles besides the bus and tractor-trailer.

A passenger in one of the cars, the bus driver, and 17 students were taken to the hospital for treatment after the wreck. A 13-year-old girl sustained the worst injuries and was airlifted to a local hospital. Her injuries were described only as moderate, however, and she was released later in the evening.

After an accident like this, there will be much investigation into the cause including drug and alcohol tests for the bus and truck driver.

Missouri has already seen a horrible school bus and tractor-trailer accident this year. Thankfully, we didn’t see the same level of tragedy in this most recent incident as we did in that terrible school bus crash on I-44 in August where two people were killed.