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Truck Accident Attorney

truck accident attorney 300x199 Truck Accident AttorneySearching for the best tractor trailer truck accident attorney in the United States? You are in the right place! Due to the sheer size, if a tractor trailer truck collides with anything, the odds are the people involved are in danger of getting harmed. These types of accidents are much more complicated than typical auto accident cases. That is the biggest reason if you or someone you know has been involved in a truck accident, make sure you contact a knowledgeable and experienced truck accident attorney. Ryan Bradley is a truck accident attorney in St Louis, MO, but will travel to any state in the USA to help anyone involved in a truck accident.

National Truck Accident Attorney

Make sure, as it is important that you do not say anything at the scene of a truck accident. Don’t agree to any settlements before consulting Ryan Bradley. Any of these words or statements can be used against you decided to sue. We also say this to protect you from insurance adjusters whose job is to save every penny possible for the insurance company which writes their paychecks. Some reasons a truck accident can occur include; negligent drivers of both the truck and other vehicles, excessive speed, defective roadways, dangerous weather conditions, intoxication, lack of driver training and experience, poorly maintained truck, faulty equipment, improperly loaded or overloaded trucks, unreasonable schedules, or driver fatigue.

Speaking of driver fatigue, they are the most common reason for driver error and are considered to cause 40% of all truck accidents. It is also a sole reason for some accidents, but can cause more damage when in tandem with other causes. The next most frequent occurrence in tractor trailer truck accidents include underride accidents and override accidents. Underride accidents can be gruesome, and an underride usually results in decapitation. An override accident is when a truck, also known as a lorry runs completely over the vehicle in front of it. Nearly half of all fatal tractor trailer truck accidents involve underrides.

There can be many parties responsible for these accidents, of course, the tractor-trailer truck driver themselves, or the trucking company for poor scheduling causing fatigue, or supplying faulty equipment. Also, equipment manufacturers themselves can also be blamed for faulty equipment. All the factors mentioned in this and previous paragraphs, add to the complexity of how a truck accident started. Each state has its’ own unique rules set of tractor-trailer truck laws, and an attorney must be knowledgable in them. A smart truck accident attorney will dig deep, between hiring practices, driving logs, and other records that truck drivers are required to keep. If you or a loved one has been in a tractor-trailer truck accident, make sure you do contact an experienced truck accident attorney today!