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Truck Driver Causes Lane Change Accident On I-55

A truck driver slammed into a passenger vehicle during a lane change, causing a St. Louis County truck accident. The truck accident occurred on northbound Interstate 55, south of Butler Hill Road.

Kenneth L. Lox of Arnold, Missouri attempted to change lanes in a 2006 Kenworth. During the lane change, the Kenworth crashed into a 2006 Chrysler Sebring. The driver of the Chrysler sustained the only injuries in the accident. Jeff A. Wicker, 49, was transferred to St. Anthony’s Medical Center.

Truck drivers have a duty to exercise due care when changing lanes. Tractor trailers and semi-trucks are substantially larger than passenger vehicles like SUVs and cars. If a large truck negligently attempts to change lanes and crashes into a smaller vehicle, the smaller vehicle may be totaled. The occupants of the passenger vehicles are likely to suffer foreseeable injuries as well.

Truck drivers should make sure that their blind spots are empty before attempting a lane change. Large trucks have extensive blind spots, so truck drivers must work harder to ensure that they are empty. Drivers of passenger vehicles may check their blind spots sufficiently by looking over their shoulder, but truck drivers must do more. When truck drivers cause accidents by failing to sufficiently check their blind spots before a lane change, a St. Louis truck accident attorney can hold that truck driver accountable in a court.