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Truck Driver Logs

With thousands of big rig tractor trailers crossing America’s highways everyday, the number of injury accidents involving these large vehicles has increased. That’s not to say all truck drivers are negligent. Just the opposite, in fact, as most drivers are very safe. Still, the size and power of tractor trailers means accidents usually result in serious injury or death.

To help regulate the trucking industry and prevent these catastrophic accidents, the government has mandated that all truck drivers keep meticulous logs of their driving. By documenting all of their driving, authorities can be sure the driver is not breaking any Federal Motor Carrier Regulations.

A truck driver’s log must contain the following information:
– Total miles driven daily
– Tractor trailer ID number and carrier
– Driver certification
– Information on co-driver (if applicable)
– Total hours driven daily
– Shipping/cargo information

In the event of an accident, these logs can be examined by a St. Louis personal injury lawyer to see if the driver was driving longer than his mandated limit.

Anybody involved in an accident with a big rig should contact a trucking accident attorney as soon as possible so that these log books can be obtained before they are manipulated or destroyed. Again, most drivers and their carriers are honest people, but some will try to cover up violations. Also, carrier companies are only required to keep the logs on file for 6 months, after which they can be destroyed.