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Trucking Regulations May Be Modified To Shorten Diving Time: Feds Expect Move To Reduce Serious Injuries And Death Caused By Tractor Trailers

The government is seeking to further restrict the amount of time interstate truck drivers can be behind the wheel in an effort to increase safety to the general public. As a Missouri personal injury lawyer, it is alarming the number of truck crash injury claims I handle where the driver was over his or her hours, which lead to fatigue and ultimately a horrendous crash. Under the proposal, the time limit would be reduced by one hour. Those of us who live in the St. Louis, Mo area know first hand the devastation a fatigued truck driver can cause after the horrible crash on I-64.

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration may reduce the number of hours from eleven to ten that a truck driver may operate his or her rig within a fourteen hour window. In addition, the trucker would be required to log one hour of “off-duty” during those fourteen hours.

The problem that plagues the trucking industry is that truckers do not keep logs or falsify logs altogether. In fact, many truckers keep two sets of logs- one in case they are stopped and one for their employers, who are more than happy to have their driver on the road making money beyond the time allowed for under the rules. Nearly seventeen percent of all violations last year were for log violations.

If you believe the proposed modification is a good idea to reduce the number of personal injuries and deaths on our nation’s roadways, we encourage you to contact your congressman or senator to and urge them to support this endeavor.