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Two Men Injured In Accident With Tractor-Trailer

Johnny Heckman, 36, and William Hilles, 45, were both injured after the vehicle they were in was hit by a tractor-trailer, according to the Missouri State Highway Patrol.

This Missouri truck accident happened on Highway 38 near Marshfield just after midnight on Tuesday morning. The two men that were injured were heading eastbound in a 1999 Ford F350, with Heckman driving. They approached a curve on the highway at the same time as a westbound 2009 Sterling tractor-trailer, driven by Bryan Wells, 44.

According to the accident description in the initial report, as the big rig came around the curve in the roadway, it crossed over the center line. Wells tried to correct by swerving to the right, but the trailer unit still remained across the center line and struck the pickup.

Hilles’ injuries were listed as serious, while Heckman’s were described as moderate. They both received emergency treatment at Cox South Hospital.

An initial crash report is not considered a comprehensive description of the accident and further investigation, including accident reconstruction, is often performed on more serious accidents.

Those injured in a tractor-trailer crash would be wise to discuss their accident with a truck accident attorney. Trucking companies, especially large national shipping organizations, sometimes have a team of legal experts and crash responders who are often on the scene within hours protecting the interests of the company. Personal injury lawyers will work to make sure the accident victim’s rights are preserved.