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Two Trucks Involved In Crash

Two large trucks and a car were involved in a Missouri injury accident Wednesday evening on Highway 70 in St. Louis.

All three of the vehicles were heading eastbound near the Cypress exit when the accident happened. According to the Missouri State Highway Patrol, the driver of the car, 17 year old Stefanie McCauley, lost control of the vehicle and began to spin out. A Volvo 8000, driven by Avramov Znivko, 47, hit McCauley’s car as it spun. Moments later, a 1994 Peterbilt truck, driven by Raymond Stambaugh, 55, hit the Volvo truck.

Marilyn Moore, 49, was a passenger in the Peterbilt truck and was seriously injured. Stambaugh also sustained injuries and both were taken to DePaul hospital for treatment.

The investigating officer did not say what might have caused McCauley to spin out.

These chain reaction crashes with multiple impacts can be complicated with regards to sorting out liability. If any driver is found to have been negligent in relation to this Missouri truck crash, then a trucking accident lawyer may be called in to recover damages for the injured parties.